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Friday, October 11, 2013


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Seashore Art or seashell art is creating anything what has to do with or found at the seashore, beach or beach surroundings.

My seashore art is a bit different, I make art pieces with exactly the same things as mentioned above, but use my shells to be displayed in shadow boxes as a 3 Dimensional art piece. I show how to do that in "How to make your own 3D box frame"

 I also use sea sand, crushed seashells and drift wood to give my art pieces exactly the look as you find it at the beach. I use mainly dead seashells which should be cleaned, you can read how to do that at "How to clean your seashells"

I made a few pieces especially for my blog, which you can view in my posts.
Most of the art I create is wall art in shadow boxes or frame boxes, which I complete with a nice picture frame.
All the pieces I make can be customize regarding size, color and frame style.
To get an idea what is available on frame styles you can have a look at "Frames for our art pieces"
I also made a coffee table and a side table, to show the possibilities of my art.
If have different pages on my blog with relevant content, especially the page with high shipping cost.
I think it is important to know that my shell art piece can be heavy. If you are interested to purchase one of my pieces do make sure that you have read "High shipping cost for seashell art"

I handle your information given to me with care, read my Privacy policy
I only create art pieces on order and discuss shipping possibilities before hand via e-mail.
I do not know any names of the shells I use nor do I know exactly where thy are found, I included a few links in my "resource page" for you to find out more about seashells.
I truly know that my art is unique and one of a kind, all my art is fantasy art and does not resemble any kind of pattern. You can read about "Our seashore art is Authentic"
I love my kind of art and I hope you do too.
 You can find more details of our art at "all about seashore art"
If you have a query you can contact me on the provided e-mail links on my posts.

If you want to see what I have on my blog instantly please go to my Site map.
I hope you will enjoy my blog and before you leave, maybe you can leave me a comment about the kind of art I make.


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