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Frames for our Art pieces.

Seashore Art
There are hundreds of frame types and designs to choose from and most of these can be used to create  3d box frames.
The style we use most in our shell art is country style, rustic or ornate frames.
The color we choose for our own shell art pieces are mainly white , as we want to create a total beach side feeling for our beach house. 
The possibilities of using different frame types, in the kind of beach art we are making is endless and depends entirely on the style and color scheme of your interior.
However it is important that when using a rustic or ornate frame, the shell art design should be altered by including more eye catching sea shells. The beauty of the art piece, should not be over taken by the beauty of the frame. It is seashell art what we creating and not frame art.
If you want to enclose your art piece in a particular frame, you can e-mail us with a picture of the your area where you want to display your piece and we can show you different kind of frames to fit with your interior.
The sea shell art pieces we creating are sealed in the end, to ensure no dirt or animals can enter your piece,
it therefor guarantees a life time existence.