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All about Sea Shore Art

Seashore Art
We are very passionate about the sea and the beach we (Ilona and Harry) are walking the beach every day with our dogs Mica, Eric and Max.
   This is Eric a 3 year old Male Boxer.    Max a 3 year old Male Cocker Spaniel.

This is Mica a 3 year old male Labrador.
After a day at the beach they usually sleep the rest of the day away and only awake for food.
During this beach outings we are always looking for shells or pieces of drift wood and
nice colored beach sand or crushed shells.
We do not create our authentic Sea shell art pieces on a commercial level, because we feel that many home artists, create many over decorated  piece and sell this in a shop or on markets and the uniqueness and value is lost. We keep our shell creations in our house or beach home and admire our pieces every day. To keep our art piece unique and valuable, we only create new pieces on commission and when the price and shipping cost is agreed upon .
We establish contact with our customers and let them chose the color of the frame and or table and the different sizes required.
I make the box frames and tables and the style shown is perfect for our shell art.
I will be able to make frames and tables with different styles and colors, just let us know what fits in your home decoration. 
After that we start creating our new piece of shell art. When completed, we photograph this new creation and send photograph copies to the customer. Only when the customer is completely satisfied with the results, we ship the item to the customer.
We feel this is the right way to do because, we do not go into mass production. If a customer does not want the piece, we will keep this and no questions will be asked.
There is a little story about uniqueness and value.
A rich investor has a stamp collection, and one of his stamps is so unique, there are only 2 existing in the world. The other one is at a bank in Germany.
The bank in Germany decided to put this stamp on auction and after 3 days of fruitless negotiations, a telephone call comes in from the rich investor and he offers 16 million dollar for this stamp.
The bank in Germany immediately jumps to the deal and the stamp is shipped to the investor.
When the stamp arrives at the investors desk, he put the stamp on his desk and cries. he then pours himself a whiskey and looks at the stamp of which he has the only other existing one.
He takes out his golden lighter and burns the stamp to ashes.
He dries his tears and says," I have now the only existing stamp in the world and that makes that one priceless".