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How to make your own 3 demensional box frame

Seashore Art
In this article I will show you how to make your own 3 dimensional box frame, which you can use for anything you want, but we will use it of course to create a Seashore master piece.
First of all The tools you need, you have probably already in your garage or workshop.
This is what you need.
A wooden mitre box, a mitre saw, a jigsaw, a measure hook, a pencil, a small hammer, wood glue,  sand paper and panel pins.
First of all we start with the frame, you can use any kind of frame, you can buy of cuts or by the meter.
For this frame I use a pre painted frame of 1 meter length.
We measure the length and divide this length in 4 to get 4 equal pieces.

If this done we use the mitre box to cut the pieces. We must take care that the corners are pointing outwards on all pieces other wise the inside profile for the glass is not fitting together.

When all 4 pieces are cut and fit together we will have the glass profile at the inside of the frame.
Now we glue the pieces together with wood glue. make sure that all corners are 90 degrees. Use the measure hook to have this correct.

When this is completed we let the frame dry for 2 hours and we can start in the mean time with the box. The depth of the box is up to you, depending what you want to put inside.
This one is 5 cm wide because we want to put a nice big shell inside of the frame
You see that the 4 pieces are not the same length because we have 2 inner sides and 2 outer sides, if glued together that forms our box. Put wood glue on all sides and stick together. Use measure hook to make sure all the corners are 90 degrees. Leave to dry for about 2 hours. and after that use panel pins and fasten into the corners with small hammer.
In the mean time we can start with the bottom part of the box by putting the box sides on top of a piece of triplex and with a pencil draw the outer lines on the bottom piece.
Cut out the bottom piece along the lines with a jig saw.
Sand paper the bottom and the sides nicely on the inside and outside.
If everything looks good we can glue the 2 pieces together to form the box. After that you can start with your art work inside this box .
If your art work is completed and you are satisfied with the end results, you can put a glass inside the frame and put the frame on top of the box and fasten with silicon or glue or screw together with small hooks. After that you can seal between your frame and box with silicon to prevent dust and animals entering your master piece.
As I mentioned, we are using our 3D box frame for a large shell and there you are, we created another Sea Shore Art piece.
I think this one looks very beautiful, don't you think?.