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Resources: "If you want to know more about seashells".

    From Ancient Times Through Today
Seashells Are Found All Around
    And Used in any Different way. 

By Aleecia Nocifera
Aleecia has a website called "My independent study on sea shells" I love her website and you should pay her a visit as well, she has some interesting facts about seashells.
her address is:


An exploration of anything from seashells to sharks. 

This website is also cute and tells different kind of different things about shells.
Sea Shells
Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods
This is an extensive guide for somebody who want to know everything about seashells

Collecting Seashell bites lady Gaga

One Direction is ready for Swine Fest by Gaga's standards.
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Peter's Seashells

Peter has a beautiful site and if you want to find out what kind of shells
we are using in our Seashore Art pieces, you will surely find them there.

How are seashells created.

If you want to know how seashell are created you can read all about it

These addresses are only a few of all the exciting Seashell and Seashell art webpages

if you want to know where the best seashell are found in the USA go to:

also a beautiful website is

On all of the beaches in South Africa many kinds of seashells are found, remember we have
the Atlantic ocean and the Indian Ocean as our borders.