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Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Frame box Design

Seashore Art

I made an alteration to the frame box (Not permanent). I normally paint the inside of the frame box, usually white, except the bottom. I tried this new design and place mirror glass on the inside of the frame box, except the bottom. It gives a more 3D look and it gives the impression that the
 Sea shore goes on forever.
It looks stunning. In this 3 designs I also made the box deeper, to have larger shells incorporated.

All 3 frames measures 30 cm by 40 cm and has the new mirror lining inside.
They look really beautiful together in a set of 3, having the same frames.


If you want to own pieces like these, you can contact me at:

Photographing was never my hobby and I do not know a lot about it. I use a normal digital camera
to make these pictures, and I have of course a problem with the flash and window light shining in the glass. I will find a solution for that. 
We also do not know all the common names of the shells nor do we know the Latin names
If you buy a creation form us, you can maybe find the names your selves. it won't surprise me,
if there will be a valuable/rare shell incorporated in the design.  

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