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Monday, September 2, 2013

Collecting sea shells comes a long way.

Seashore Art

Collecting sea shells is probably as old as the human race. Over the centuries they have been used for many purposes. They have been used as a payment means, like money, they have been used for utensils to eat out or to cook in. They have been used for decoration most of the time: in clothing and shoes, in jewelry and even on the skin as makeup.
But mostly, shells are picked up or collected for their beauty. Artist are inspired by their shapes and beauty as well. Shells are incorporated in many artists work like paintings and photographs.
Shells are used in decorative pieces of art already centuries ago. Like the 18 century Victorian shell art, where pieces of shells are painstakingly glued together to create beautiful flower arrangements.

These pieces are very fragile and are kept in glass containers for protection.
Like any artwork they become valuable over the time.

Most of the time you will see this pieces only in museums behind glass.

It must have take months to create pieces like these, today most people do not have the time to create Art like this.

To create flower arrangements from shells is still done to day, and you find still very lovely and beautiful pieces of shell artwork today.

Our 3 dimensional Sea Shore Art are creations of today and will find a beautiful spot in every house.
The art of creating pieces with sea shells is as exiting and awesome as it was in the 18'th century.

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