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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My perfect life

It is awesome to live so near to the beach, where every day is a special day.
Strolling along the beach with our dogs, gives a whole new meaning to my shell art.
When I pick up shells, I don't wonder anymore of what I am going to do with these beautiful shells.
My inspiration and imagination gives me all I need in life right now and I am happy.
This creation below features one single shell and its simplicity and elegance, makes this one my favorite. The measurement are 30 cm by 30 cm
This one down here is also special. The country style frame we bought in Paternoster.
The shells used are picked up at the bay. I added a few I already had.
This creation measures 35 cm by 45 cm. It is not for sale in its present form.
But if you want me to create one for you it will have a different frame and shells.

This classic frame shows you that Seashell Art can have its place in every home.
Although our frame is mainly white, it also can be made in different colors.

I like this shell creation a lot due to it's simple frame. The shells used
are all from the Atlantic ocean
 I have 3 of these creations hanging in our sun room.
The size is a bit bigger than usual. It measures 45 cm by 45 cm

This little creation below measures 30 cm by 35 cm and has also a space in our house.
If you want me to create one or two for you, please e-mail me at The Artist
All these seashell creations can be made in any size or color.
My creations are not only for beach houses or seashore apartments. It very well fits in any
kind of interior due to the possibilities in frame color and style.



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