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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Sandy Beach Creations

Seashore Art
The smaller creations we have featured are most popular by everybody who had a look at them.
We decided to expand this lines with a few more new creations we called "Sandy Beach" The Blue Sea Creations has also been expended and we will feature more of these small creations soon.

This creation comes as a single box frame and is about 42 cm by 42 cm.
If you want to own a piece like this,
e-mail Ilona at The Artist

 Remember all the creations featured on this blog are examples and are not for sale.
This creation comes as a single box frame and is about 35 cm by 35 cm.
 If you want to order more of same items they might not look the same,
 although the dimensions will be the same.
This creation is about 42 cm by 35 cm.
This particular creations come in a set of 3.
All the creations are made as an unique item.

This creation is about 35 cm by 35 cm.
This a single creations.

Below is one of my larger creations.
This creation measures about 85 cm by 45 cm.
This a single creations.

This is a beautiful piece and is one of a kind

This is a detailed picture of the above, you can see the beach sand and different kind of shells



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