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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seashell art

Seashore Art
This started out to be a hobby and our first project was a old coffee table we modified and turned it into our first art master piece

This old coffee table we turned into this art piece.
The shells used are mainly from the Atlantic ocean in Melkbosstrand, there are a few shells used, belonging to other beaches in the world. Further we mixed it with some driftwood and finished it, with sea sand and crushed shells.

If you Google "Seashore Art" you will get a lot of hits but mainly what you find is seashore art paintings and
commercial fabricated art work. I found a few pieces what could be the kind of Art we are doing but it did not match our unique and one of a kind style.
The next project we tackled was that we wanted something to decorate our wall with, a kind of a life shell painting in 3 dimension but not a painting.

We came up with the above creations and I think personally this are absolutely life shell paintings
with a 3 dimensional look. This creations come in 3's or in singles. 
To own  pieces like this you can contact Ilona at The Artist
The beauty about Sea shore Art and especially this kind, you can create what ever you feel like there are no limits and the end result is always different and every time a master piece.
As is this side table, it measures 50 cm by 50 cm and mostly Atlantic seashells are used.
This little table can be made in a single creation or in a set of 3.
Sets consist out of 1 table measuring 50 by 50 cm and 1 table measuring 40 by 40 cm and the small one is 30 by 30 cm. It can be made in different colors.
You must remember that shipping cost are very high from South Africa, especially the tables.
The shipping cost are determined in weight not in value.
Seashell art does not fall under light weight shipping articles. 


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